“Interior design doesn’t have to be standardized. In fact, I believe that original art pieces should be brought into the living space where they can become part of our daily lives. Realizing this, I saw an opportunity to create something different and to develop the idea of bringing art into the home.”

Born in Asuncion, Paraguay, Ana Talavera’s design career started in Curitiba, Brazil where she studied Architecture at the Federal University of Paraná State. In addition extensive world travel and varied cultural experiences afforded her with opportunities to both develop and expand upon her design interests.

In 2006, Ana relocated to Naples, Florida – bringing her flair for design to areas such as Mustang Island, The Quarry, Olde Cypress, Mayors, and The Classics. It was then that she started her work with hand painted collections of decorative pillowschairs, and sofas. Her most recent creations are headboards; not only to frame the bed but to bring a unique piece of art to the entire wall.

“Our products are also a great tool for designers who are always looking for something special and unique for their clients. The design concept of furniture as art not only opens up possibilities for self-expression, but creates a living space that is a joy to interact with.”

At Ana Talavera Interiors, each piece is one of a kind.